You Don’t ‘Get’ Our Tractor Parade? Oh Well

Tractor parade“Tractors? You stood around and watched 100 tractors drive down the street? I don’t get it.”

How many times have I heard this, or something like it, when I bring up the Callicoon Tractor Parade? I’ve lost count. And my response is always the same.

Technically I didn’t stand. I ran. I walked. I scooted in and out between massive machines, dropping to the ground and climbing up high on nearby railings to get just the right shot off on my camera. And since we’re getting technical, it wasn’t 100. It was 246, at least this year. The number’s been higher, been lower, but yes, there are a lot of them.

To me, to the 246 drivers (plus riders), to the crowds that turn Callicoon into a hotbed of activity on the second Sunday in June, they’re beautiful. They’re a symbol of our country’s history and our town’s. They’re a part of us.

Even more beautiful: You don’t have to get it.

If you’re not a fan of the Callicoon Tractor Parade, you don’t have to go. It really is that simple.

Sure, you’re welcome to come on down and give it a try. I’d even suggest you do, if only to see what it is you’re scoffing at in an up close and personal way. As a mom, after all,  I’ve long had a rule that my daughter needs to try a food at least twice before turning up her nose and deciding no, I do not like it, Sam I am. If the rule didn’t exist, we’d be a mac and cheese every night family.

At least I could thank some dairy farmers for the cheese. And some wheat farmers for the pasta. Here’s betting they both drive a tractor. But I digress.

The Callicoon Tractor Parade is quirky. It’s country. And if you’re not a fan of sitting in the hot, hot sun on a summer day watching history, that’s perfectly A-OK.

I’m not a fan of watching NASCAR or basketball, hitting a nightclub or going to the opera. And I don’t get them.

But I don’t have to.

I’ve got my own fun. And on the second Sunday in June, it’s running, walking, and weaving in and out of tractors.


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