‘Project MC Squared’ Is the Show Smart Young Girls Have Desperately Needed

proje_gal_005_h“Yes, it’s true. Women do run the world,” so says the head of a super secret spy organization that employs teen girls to protect royalty on Project MC². It’s the latest in a string of Netflix original series for kids and perhaps the greatest offering to come out for tween girls in recent years.

The show is smart — in fact that’s the tagline: “smart is the new cool” — and so are its main characters, four teen girls with a variety of STEM-friendly talents, from computer smarts to chemical genius. Yes, all the main characters are female. The only male to get much screentime — still significantly less than the girls — is a prince who is being protected by McKeyla McAlister (hence the show’s title) and the three smartest girls in her new school.

With major movie studios are still refusing to put a girls’ name in the title of their movies, lest boys won’t flock to theaters, casting a boy in the typical “damsel in distress” role is refreshing. Even more refreshing is the creators’ refusal to push the show’s smart girls into the social misfit role we’re used to seeing any time Hollywood gives someone with a uterus a brain.

The girls are all fashionable, up on social media, and aside from McKeyla, who is new to town, seem to fit right into the high school hierarchy. They’re regular girls … who just happen to work for a super secret spy agency run by Danica McKellar (yes, Winnie from The Wonder Years).

To that end, the show is lighthearted, at times even a little silly (it’s for kids, after all). It doesn’t beat kids over the head with how intelligent these girls are, but it doesn’t make them an oddity for it either.

Now if only Netflix would give us more than three episodes …

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Disclaimer: This post was written for Netflix to celebrate their new original show, Project Mc².  As a member of the Netflix Stream Team, I receive a free Netflix subscription, however all opinions expressed above are my own.



  1. I love Project Mc2 Square I am 8 years old and I now Girls rule the World. I am also a A student in 3 grade. My name is Taya.

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