The Netflix Secret to Getting Sleep When You Have Kids

image001If you’ve spent any time near a parenting blog or even the news this week, you’ve probably heard about Netflix’ ingenius new means to trick kids into going to bed. The Five Minute Favorites are shortened versions of their favorite shows, so when a kid says “just one more episode,” you can sound like a total pushover and say, “Oh yeah, sure!”

If you have a toddler, I’m sure you’re loving this latest trick in the parenting arsenal.

And why not? We all have to band together as parents and do what it is we can to stay on top. Which is why I offer this bit of advice from the other side of the trenches.

As mother of a 10-year-old who can no longer be tricked with 5 minutes of cartoons, the Five Minute Favorites don’t help me much. But oh, ho, ho, I don’t need them.

You see, Netflix on the other end gives us parents exactly what we all crave: sleep of our own. Specifically sleep on Saturday and Sunday mornings, the days of the week when the same hellions who have to be dragged clawing and screaming from their beds on school days are bright eyed and bushy tailed and in need of someone to entertain them.

Because what’s better than telling kids that they have to stay in their room and for the love of all that is holy be QUIET on a Saturday morning so you can get 20 minutes of sleep, for crying out loud, children? Handing them a tablet and saying, “Here, darling, go on an adventure in the comfort of your bed while I get enough sleep to be nice Mommy today.”

See? Sleep. It’s for the moms who know they need it and have no problem pulling out all the tricks in their arsenal to get it.

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Disclaimer: This post was written for Netflix to celebrate their new Five Minute Favorites.  As a member of the Netflix Stream Team, I receive a free Netflix subscription, however all opinions expressed above are my own.

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