10 Best Things About Raising a 10-Year-Old

10Let’s be honest. Being parent to a 10-year-old rarely makes the “things I can’t wait to do” lists. Ten is the age when everything falls apart. They hit double digits and the so-called tween years.

They’re independent. And they let you know it.


They’re hormonal. Angry. And much, much smarter than you will ever be (or so they say).

And yet … there’s something to being parent to a 10-year-old that’s hard to pin down. There’s magic in this uncertain year, magic we parents in the trenches of 10 would be wise to recognize.

  1. They’re funny. No, really. Knock knock jokes no longer knock them on their butt. Suddenly the jokes they spout off have an honest-to-goodness “haha” factor.
  2. They’re sarcastic. This goes hand-in-hand with being funny, but it brings you to a whole new level of wit.
  3. They’re useful. Not only does the dishwasher get cleaned out a whole lot faster when they don’t have to call you every fifth second to “grab the sharp knife I’m not allowed to touch” or “put that bowl on the shelf I’m too short to reach,” but you get whatever it is you’re doing done in record time when you’re not being interrupted very fifth second.
  4. They’re rational. OK. Not always. In fact, look tween behavior up in the dictionary, and synonyms include “often absurd,” “frequently unreasonable” and so on. One does not have an existential life crisis over a hairbrush when one is completely balanced. But something about hitting double digits opens up the still developing portion of the brain that allows us all to make sense of the world’s nonsense. Pearls of wisdom begin to flow. Listen for them. Write them down.
  5. They’re cuddly. Sure, they’re letting go of hands and refusing kisses in public. But in private, the 10-year-old is still small enough for a good old-fashioned couch cuddle. Grab them and don’t let them go.
  6. They’re amazed. They’re getting more jaded with every passing day, but there’s still magic that will take their breath away.
  7. They’re questioning. They may assure you that they know more than you, but they’re also unafraid to betray the gaps in their knowledge by asking you to fill them in on what they don’t know. Sure, it’s a bit hypocritical, but don’t tell them. it’s a beautiful thing to see their minds at work.
  8. They sleep. In their own beds. Enough said.
  9. They like their own space. Seeing that closed bedroom door is bittersweet, yes, but it’s nice to have a little “me” time again.
  10. They’re yours. College is still seven to eight years away. You still have them … and you need to hold on tight.

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