Parents, Let’s Resolve to Stop the Screentime Insanity

untitled-11BIf there’s one word that sums up the modern parent’s biggest battle it’s this: Screentime.

If you have a toddler, it’s the angst over whether they should have it at all. If you have an elementary schooler, you’re debating what’s too much of a good thing. And if you have a tween or teen, you’re wondering whether you’re setting them up to be cyberbullied if they’re on there or cut out if they’re not.

But maybe all that worrying is enough.


There are parents who don’t care what their kids are watching or for how long. There are parents who haven’t the slightest clue what social media their kids are using or how.

If you’re struggling with screentime, you’re probably not one of those parents. You’re paying attention to what your kids are watching. You’re monitoring the quality and quantity. You’ve set up a system to keep your kids safe online, or you hope it will anyway.

You’ve done something.

You’re trying.

Isn’t that enough?


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