Support Donald Trump? Here’s What Else You’re Supporting

American-flagEvery election season, it seems we find out more about our friends than we ever cared to know. We find out who is passionate and who crosses the line into bullying. We find out who stays up to date on current events and who simply spouts off one talking point that they heard while flipping channels.

It can be illuminating and educational. This year it’s all of that and more. It’s downright depressing.

According to a Facebook app that combs through your friends to tell you how many “like” Donald Trump, 24 people I know have given a thumbs up to the candidate who turned a presidential debate into a discussion about his private parts.

The app is like Pandora’s box. Once you’ve clicked, you’ll wish you hadn’t.

Because suddenly you find yourself wondering, do they really think it’s OK to thwap your hand against your chest, cruelly mocking a man with a disability? Do they think it’s OK to punch people who disagree with you or belittle a veteran of our armed forces for being captured by our enemies during a time of war? Are they on board with calling women dogs, bimbos or fat pigs? How about making crude remarks about menstruation in order to tear a woman down or telling a woman she’s “disgusting” for breastfeeding?

Do they think it’s OK to refuse to rent to people because of the color of their skin or to accept the praise of white supremacists? Do they think it’s OK to stereotype Jewish people? Or Muslims? Or Mexicans?

Do they really agree with a man who’s said of women, “You have to treat them like s–t”? With a man who calls people “losers”?

Of course, no candidate is perfect, nor does any American voter ever really get the chance to elect a candidate with whom they agree 100 percent. That mystical unicorn may still be out there, but I’ve voted in every single election I could vote in since turning 18, and I’ve yet to vote for a single one.

But where one awful comment or even two can be pushed under the bed and ignored in a case of voting for the “lesser of two evils,” the mounting pile of offenses emanating from Donald Trump’s mouth can no longer be contained by even the largest of sleeping surfaces.

If it isn’t obvious, I’m not voting for Donald Trump. As a woman and a mother of a daughter both, his misogyny alone is such a glaring turn-off that I couldn’t in good conscience allow him to represent our country. And then you add in the xenophobia, racism, bullying and laying, and, well … you get the picture.

But what scares me far more than Donald Trump himself is that that mounting pile of hatred and vitriol isn’t enough to make people run in the other direction. At what point do people cross over from supporting a man despite his faults to supporting him because of them? At what point are they admitting, “Yup, I’m A-OK with picking on people with disabilities, women, minorities and so on”?

And if they’re OK with all of that, at what point will they begin doing that themselves?


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