Stop Using Your Kids to Deny LGBT People Their Rights

Gay-Hands“What do I tell my kids?” It’s something I’ve heard over and over from the opposition to equal rights for folks who are LGBT.

Every time this disenfranchised community gains an inch in the mile-long road to equality, the sturm and drang rings out from frazzled straight parents, sure this will set their lives on end.

What do I tell my kids about the two men holding hands? What do I tell my kids about that person entering the bathroom with a little sign on the door that matches their gender identity? What do I tell my kids about the two ladies who are getting married?

Well folks, what do you tell your kids about straight folks, about cisgender folks?

Do you go into a discussion of anatomy or intercourse when you see a man and a woman holding hands? When you see someone who you assume is cisgender walking into a bathroom? When you get a wedding invitation for a straight couple?

Or do you simply say: Those two people holding hands love each other, that person clearly has to go potty, and yay, a wedding, maybe there will be those fun little bottles of bubbles that we can blow?!

And what if they ask more? Are you ever going to be faced with tough questions about how some people use the bathroom or where babies come from? Probably … and age-appropriate answers are just a few clicks away on the internet, with bonus science to help you truly educate them and help prepare them for when they’re all grown up and put those teachings to good use or have to pass that knowledge on to someone else.

Of course, all this is supposing that your kids even ask. It’s assuming that they even notice two people holding hands when they have cartoons to watch on their iPad or a really cool toy to zoom around the sandbox, supposing that they care to mention that someone’s walking into a bathroom in a world where every single one of us has to tend to the most basic of bodily functions — most of us daily.

But then if they may not even ask a question there are ready answers to, why should you be using your kids as an excuse to deny other people the rights you readily enjoy?



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