Hey Grands: Get the Goods

Hey guys, I know it’s been awhile, but I’m trying to get back to more regular deals here on Inside Out, and I’ve got a good one for my grandparent readers . . . and for those of you who have a grandparent to buy for every once in awhile.

Grand Magazine, the nation’s leading magazine for grandparents (and one of my bosses!) is giving away a free subscription to Inside Out readers!

Packed with a grandparenting angle on all the latest parenting news, it’s the mag that will keep you in the know about the current trends with stories that are actually relevant to YOUR life.

Want in? Click here to get your free subscription!

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Celebrate “Lost Sock” Memorial Day With a Free Set of Socks

In our house, we blame it on the dryer gnomes. Also known as the mysterious force that walks off with just one sock of any particular set.

The folks over at Little MissMatched have made that a problem of the past with their mismatched sets of three socks – that’s right, there are no pairs, and hence you’re never one sock short! With rockin’ colors and designs that are always a little bit off, you’ll find something for your little girl and you too (they have ’em for kids AND for women).

It’s a way to play Mommy and Me and still be unique (and keep your feet warm).

And since this weekend is Lost Sock Memorial Day (which they didn’t make up, believe it or not), you can get two sets for the price of one from Little MissMatched. The offer is good from May 7th through the 11th, so check out Little Miss Matched!

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Psychedelic Strawberry Tee for Your Little Hippie

You know what they say about location, location, location?

Yes, I’m Woodstock obsessed. But you can blame it all on my location folks – I grew up a stone’s throw from the site of the best known musical festival on earth. And now that the whole of Sullivan County, NY is gearing up for the 40th Anniversary (including the paper I work for), I’ve been on the hunt for groovy finds for little hippies.

My favorite for little girls? This delicious strawberry tee from Decaf Plush. The psychedelic size of the sewn on felt fruit makes your eyes dance (while you’re grooving to the music in your head), and the cotton American Apparel-made tee is soft on little skin.

You can get it from one of my favorite shopping spots on the Web – Psychobaby for $35, and if you buy today, you can use code SPRING15 to get 15 percent off your order.

Too late? Become a fan of Psychobaby on Faceboook, send them a picture of your own psycho baby by May 31, and you’ll be entered to win a $250 gift card.

Want more Woodstock finds for kids? Check out my whole list over at Droolicious:

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Save Big on Swimsuits

Protect-a-Bub is closing out its line of UPF 50+ swimsuits, and they’re giving parents the chance to cash in on the savings.

You can get up to 70 percent off right now on the line as you get ready for summer. Want to get in on the action? Click here.

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Save BIG on Tiny Revolutionary

The moms at Tiny Revolutionary are giving peace a chance with their new Peace Tee, and thanks to my gig at Droolicious, I have am giving you a chance to save big.

The earth, eco and politically conscious shop for tots has rolled out a tee for up the the 4T set with origami cranes taking off.

Who doesn’t want their kids to grow up in a world full of peace?

Check out my review over at Droolicious this week for the special coupon code and rock the revolution.

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Their World In a Bag

There’s an unspoken rule of parenting – your social life has gone away, but theirs is soon to blossom. My toddler spends more nights out than I do.

She may be at her grandparents’ house, but, hey, it’s out. I’m stuck here – but lucky for you, I’m in front of my computer sharing our favorites – even if it’s my favorite goodie for sending her out the door.

Rascals and Routines from Haydenburri Lane was created to get kids on a track to healthy habits, from teeth brushing to bath taking. With animal friends to help them along every step of the bedtime path, Rascals and Routines’ bedtime safari series takes some of the wild out of your little rascal.

And now they’re letting kids take those good habits on the road. Their new Carry Me Everywhere Suitcase is packed with a fuzzy blanket, finger puppets of all of the safari critters and a Bedtime Safari board book that covers the whole bedtime shebang – from the bath to the bed. The friends sit snugly on little (and big) fingers for storytime, and they’ll fit right into the pocket on their new blanket for cuddling away from home.

The suitcase has just earned its place at FAO Schwartz, but you can still get it straight from Haydenburri Lane with a $5 off coupon for Inside Out readers. Enter safarimoms at checkout, and the suitcase is just $24.95.

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Green Away the Diaper Smell

The Classy Kid giveaway ended yesterday, and one of the products I was surprised no one picked up on was their set of Diaper Sacks.

I know, they’re not glamorous, but they caught my eye when I first started checking out the Classy Kid for one reason: I wanted to know how you make a plastic bag part of a “clean and green” line.

The answer? By making it environmentally degradable plastic. The bags are like most you’d find stowed in any well-stocked diaper bag, with that one exception. They sport tie-close handles to make sure diaper mess and smell stay inside, and they’re scented to help add a little stench control so your entire pile of fresh onesies in said bag don’t end up with an eau de poo poo.

But they are also truly disposable, made of a plastic that breaks down in months rather than decades. Packed in sets of 75, it’s just $2.95 at Amazon for a resealable zip bag full of the Classy Kid Diaper Sacks.

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A Spot of Tea Today

Jeans from Tea Collection got a nod in a PeekabooPicks rundown on my favorite jeans, and for those of you who got hooked, I’ve got good news.

Their end of year/beginning of year sale has dropped prices so much that stocking up for next year just got easier (yes, you’re in on my secret – this is how I afford funky for my daughter without breaking the bank).

We’re talking sweet little dresses for as little as $9.50, and roaring little boy dragon tees for $12.50. My favorite little jeans, the Sora Slim Fits, are in the mix at 50 percent off, so if you were hesitant to buy then, start filling your cart now.

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Go Green and Save for Them

Parents who have gotten wise to online bargains have still struggled to find green for cheap. Worry no more.

Jill King, the mother behind Contests 4 Mamas, and sister Jennifer Eckerman will launch the first one-time big deal site for moms who want to save the environment while they’re saving money.

GreenBabyBargains, launched today, will follow the same premise as BabyBargains and the like, with a twist. Once a day, five days a week, the sisters will put up a bargain that’s eco-friendly. Opening at noon every day, Monday through Friday, the site will let parents buy, buy, buy until the product is exhausted.

To make it onto the site, the products will have to meet at least one of these criteria: chemical free (BPA, formaldehyde, etc.), eco-friendly packaging, made from sustainable, renewable or recycled materials , manufactured with minimal environmental impact, fairly traded, or made with minimal or no artificial materials (using organic, bamboo, soy, or non-toxic fabrics/fillers/dyes).

So they’ll be green – and at prices of at least 50 percent off of the retail price, they’ll be coming at you for a lot less green. So get bookmarking!

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A Black Friday Deal That Will Save More Than Money

Two weeks ago, if you’d found me a kid who doesn’t have a habit of carrying their bowl of Cheerios on its side, I’d have contemplated a switch.

Not anymore. Parents, rejoice. For unto us, a savior has been born.

The Loopa Bowl looks like it was dropped off by the space invaders, but it’s kicking those every day kids bowls out of this world. With a center that spins around, courtesy of centrifugal force, and handles for the kids to get a tight grasp on, the Loopa Bowl keeps their snacks where they’re supposed to be. Turn it upside down, and the bowl spins to stay upright. Turn it sideways, and the bowl spins to stay upright. Turn it every which way, and well, the Loopa Bowl spins to stay upright.

It’s the gizmo to buy for the Moms on you’re list who are accustomed to following their tots with a dustpan and broom, and maybe even Moms with clumsy teens too.

To get you started, the Loopa Bowl is available at 50 percent off to Inside Out readers through Dec. 12. Enter code INSIDEOUT at checkout, and you’ll get half the retail price of every bowl you buy lopped off the bill. So get over there – before I buy them out.

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