Giveaway: Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments

Dad's Book of Awesome Science ExperimentsWhen I first started piling things on the bottom steps, it was simply because I was sick of running up the stairs every time I found something that really belonged in one of the rooms on our second floor. The hope was that anyone — anyone besides me — would see something that belonged to them on the way up the steps, grab it, and carry it to its rightful place in the house. Anyone who has kids knows this was wishful thinking on my part. Stacking my daughter’s things on the lowest steps has not made our house any cleaner or made her any more likely to put things away.

It has, however, become a sort of litmus test for what really interests her. Take, for example, what happened when I placed Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments on the bottom step. Written by my pal and former co-worker Mike Adamick, the book had just arrived in the mail, and I hoped it would pique the interest of an 8-year-old who is always begging us to do more “projects” with her. I didn’t, however, have a chance to say anything to her before the book disappeared completely. [Read more…]

The Family That Geeks Out Together …

My little scientist baking up a storm

My little scientist baking up a storm

This has been a big month for sitting around in front of the TV in my house. What can I say? It’s March, and I live in the Northeast. Mother Nature has been a cruel, cruel she-beast.  And didn’t you hear, they finally added the last half of Breaking Bad season five to Netflix! Yeah, science!

OK, so we’ve done a little more than watch Walter White make meth since ending our House of Cards binge (Frank and Claire, we miss you so, already please come back to us!). When I joined the Netflix Stream Team this month, the service sent along a list of the movies and shows guaranteed to help every member of the family get their geek on. Which is pretty near and dear to my heart. [Read more…]

Candy Experiments & Women’s History Month — Yes, These Things Go Together

5d29e-floatingcandylettersWe’re pretty big fans of The Big Bang Theory in my house. My 7-year-old daughter even has a hammer named Dr. Sheldon Cooper (yes, a hammer, and yes, it’s a long story!). But I think I truly fell for the geek comedy with their Women’s History Month storyline this month.

The scientists were trying to drum up more interest in the sciences among young girls. Naturally that meant sending a bunch of uber dorks back to middle school, and hilarity ensued.

Amusement aside, as the mother of a daughter, I appreciated the show’s efforts to bring the issue of girls and science to the masses.

It’s one I’m struggling with in my house in no small part because I am not the kind of girl who was drawn to the STEM subjects. I hid in the corner of the playground with my latest Anne of Green Gables book and was perfectly content growing up. [Read more…]