Parenting & Living editor at SheKnows.com by day, photographer, social medial junkie, and mother of a crazed fourth grader 24/7. Slays closet monsters, eats too many jellybeans, drinks too much diet soda, and sometimes wishes they made muzzles in her size.

I’ve strung words together for the likes of CafeMom, Parents Magazine, Kiwi Magazine, AOL, Babble and more over the years — with a concentration on parenting writing.

I used to work full-time as reporter and photographer — now turned freelancer — for the Sullivan County Democrat, and my New York Press Association first place award winning column for the paper appears every week here on this here ramblin’ blog. Throw in some parenting rants, some parenting products, and that’s me.

Oh yeah, I like free stuff. Scratch that, I love free stuff. But I’m kind of ranty and prone to hating on people who gush about free stuff all the time. So if you see me talking about something I got for free, you’ll also see me telling you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the …

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